Fraud and cyber attacks, actual and future,

prevented by Holistic Combination

of traditional and neXtGEN security methods.

  Tailored for Digital Banking.

Innovative approach enables us to understand

both your Clients’ and Attackers’ behavior 

in real time and in historic context.



Complex protection

Complex protection against present and future threats as financial malware, phishing, complex fraud schemes, web hacking, application abuse and other cyber threats is assured by application of a multi-layered security approach.

You can finally implement one system and solve multiple problems traditionally covered separately by web fraud detection, fraud detection and other security systems. But that is not all... Thanks to our new approach to fraud detection using Digital Identity Sensing Technology even hard-to-catch social engineering and combined attacks are detected.


At each stage of user interaction with the protected application neXtGEN security checks are applied to detect fraud which together with additional layers of security provided by the system also increases security of the application users. We use multiple approaches traditionally found in solutions like:

  • Fraud Detection Systems (FDS)

  • Web Fraud Detection (WFD)

  • Web application Firewall (WAF)

Rather than operating in isolation, our solution brings synergy to these capabilities, delivering a more capable solution.     Multi-layered architecture supports your multiple Digital Business goals in a single budget.


Client-less financial malware detection

We detect

TM_l3  Known and 0-day malware (in matter of hours)

TM_l3  Code injection (HTML, JS Webinjects)

TM_l3  Man-in-The-Middle and Man-in-The-Browser attacks

TM_l3  Data tempering

TM_l3  Request hijacking

TM_l3  Scripted access (Scraping, Enumeration)

We are different

TM_l3  Web 2.0 and Single Page (SPA) applications are supported
TM_l3  Malware samples are not needed
TM_l3  Users are not bothered but protected!

Biometry augmented continuous adaptive authentication

Additional layer of protection to the traditional credentials entry based dialogs by implementing mouse movement biometrics and keystroke dynamics. For each user session the risk is continuously calculated based on this profile and other crime logic indicators to mark suspicious transactions.

User behavior anomaly detection

Machine learning methods, evaluated by risk engine, speed of velocity of navigation, navigated page, click map, actions performed etc., significantly helps to mitigate fraudulent cases with fraudulent account access (account takeover).

Advanced device fingerprinting

Precise user device identification using new HTML5 features & traditional IP/browser/environment approach makes distinguishing between authorized users and criminals easier than ever.

Adaptive security issues evaluation using fraud analysis feedback

Automatically created (both signature and AI based) detections are marked as false or true positive by a human fraud analytic, machine learning algorithms automatically adapts on human feedback which significantly improves false positive to false negative ration in further detections.

 We have created a unique solution facing all possible digital threats.

All capabilities in one Solution. One Solution for all purposes.

"One out of many advantages of the ThreatMark Solution compared to common Fraud Detection Systems is the ability to collect and evaluate in-session data

(speed and timing of actions, user activity, user interaction with application and more)."

Jan Guzanič, ThreatMark, VP of Business Cyber Security Strategy