Official press release: Springtide Ventures and Rockaway invest into the Czech Startup ThreatMark

Prague, 30 June 2017 – ThreatMark s.r.o., a company that has developed a solution for mobile and web-based applications that provides effective protection against fraud and cyberattacks, has attracted two leading domestic investors. The Springtide Ventures Fund from the KKCG Group and the Rockaway Ventures Division of the Rockaway Investment Group have acquired a 32.2% stake in ThreatMark.   The two investors intend to provide ThreatMark not only with financial backing, but also with know-how and assist it with market entry in other European countries as well as in the U.S. and Asia.   ThreatMark was established in Brno two years ago as a laboratory specializing in the development of solutions for cybersecurity and protection against online fraud. The company’s products are ...


ThreatMark won the BankTech Asia Fin5ive Challenge 2017


Powered by Matchi, BankTech Asia recently launched the Fin5ive Challenge to source five groundbreaking fintech solutions to showcase at the 9th BankTech Asia conference and exhibition in Kuala Lumpur from 5th to 6th July 2017.   Winners from London, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and Czech Republic set to demo their solutions at BankTech Asia, 5-6 July 2017.   We also represent Czech republic while ThreatMark has won the category Security/Identification/Biometrics and we will present in Kuala Lumpur qualities of the ThreatMark AFS software. The 10 10-minute demo will be presenting our CEO Michal Tresner in front of 200+ participating bankers from 70 participating financial institutions of the Asia Pacific region   ThreatMark will be also showcased in a special exhibition a ...


ThreatMark in Czech Pioneers 2017


We are a part of lucky startups who will join Czech Pioneers this year.  Czech Pioneers 2017 is a brilliant selection of best projects that the Czech startup scene currently has to offer. You cana find there start-ups from Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Smart Home, AI in digitisation, Data Analytics and also Fraud Detection!   Thanks to Czech Pioneers 2017 we will attend a big event in Vienna in June – Pioneers Festival. At this event there will be present 500 start-ups from the whole world, all this will happen in heart of Vienna – at Hofburg.


Fight AI with AI: The Data Warfare

Technology is value-neutral. While often conceived as a driver of purposeful human action, it poses unparalleled dangers when in the wrong hands. Beyond AI narratives emphasizing robot armies taking over or machine learning revolutionizing entire industries, there’s a story often untold: the story of hackers silently pretending to be you. Technological development has commoditized real time data analytics at scale, changing the name of the game across industries. Security is no exception. Armed with user data and affordable computational power, both security departments and hackers have evolved to a more agile state. Users are the weakest link As organizations became more effective in detecting traditional threats and malware, shifting fraudsters’ focus to perform “man-in-the-app” attacks ...


Security is Context Awareness

Charlie Munger’s first rule of wisdom states: “The first rule is you can’t really know anything if you just remember isolated facts and try and bang ’em back. If the facts don’t hang together in a latticework of theory, you don’t have them in usable form.” Experts. After years of hard work they internalize mental models of their respective fields; they understand both the fundamental principles and the in-depth intricacies of how concepts interrelate. They also grasp new ideas a whole lot quicker than others. Apparently that’s how Elon Musk learns about new fields effectively. Mental models are useful, but it’s pretty hard to build them. While the data gold rush has been well on its way since ~2012, to date it’s a non-trivial problem to interpret the terabytes of raw data some companies ha ...