Preventing automated infiltration of your clients’ accounts


We have identified unauthorized access to multiple on-line accounts, clearly against normal banking policy. This is what happened…


I have your password. Catch me if you can – BACArA can


Public live demo on the BACArA technology was presented on conference SECURITY 2016, held in Prague on 17th February and more than 50 conference guests had opportunity to challenge new Digital Identity Sensing Technology….


Client Behavior is the new password


Fraud detection in online banking certainly represents a non-trivial task against the perennial problem of increasingly sophisticated fraudulent schemes. Authentication of the user in modern applications is one of the tasks where traditional fraud detection systems fail to provide reliable decisions leaving enough space for fraudsters to come in and commit their activity.  


2016 Digital Business fraud protection trends sensed


What weapons digital payment cyberfraudsters have prepared for 2016 and won’t hesistate to use. How to prepare your battleground to have a good sleep….


2015 fraudulent cyber attacks resolved


  The world is changing fast, the digital economy is growing and the number of digital payments is increasing.  We at ThreatMark successfully managed to solve many fraudulent cyber attacks in 2015. We also found unweaponized / piloted threats that will emerge in large scale in 2016 against selected organisations and their clients. We bring our witness to our hearing of the most interesting attacks in 2015 and reveal how some potential attackers may trigger their fraudulent campaigns in 2016. We have mostly solved two major cyber fraud vectors which attackers use – Fraudulent malware driven attacks and Social engineering driven attacks.   Fraudulent Malware driven attacks Breaking two factor authentication (SMS, Certificate/PKI in file, RSA token) Mobile financial malware attempti ...