QA Lead

Brno I Full Time

Job Description

The mission

As a QA Lead, your primary mission will be to uphold the quality of our product, prevent bugs, and prove that customer requirements are fulfilled. You will be responsible for developing robust testing strategies and collaborating with the engineering team to proactively prevent the occurrence of bugs.

At ThreatMark, we place great importance on quality, security, and data protection, ensuring that our product not only meets customer requirements but also adheres to the most stringent standards. As a QA Lead, you will play a crucial role in maintaining and upholding these standards, allowing our clients to focus on achieving their business objectives with confidence.


  • Seniority: 5+ years experience
  • Hire: employee or contractor
  • Full time
  • Full remote possible


  • As a core responsibility, you will have a primary focus on prioritizing and promoting the quality of the product throughout the engineering teams:
    • The primary goal is to achieve the highest product quality
    • Understands how customers use the product to concentrate top quality to the most important product areas
    • Prevent bugs and prove, that customer requirements are fulfilled
  • You will:
    • Design and implement automated test suites, as well as taking a leadership role in defining and executing test strategies
    • Push changes and ideas and make them happen (it’s not enough to write a document)
    • Prioritize quality roadmap
    • Be part of an engineering team so you can cooperate more closely
    • Serve as a QA technical leader and usher technological change in this area
    • Train engineering teams to improve the quality of the product and change the habits of engineers
    • Enforce testing on multiple deployment types (k8s, ansible + docker-compose) in both cloud and on-premise environments
    • Tune Gitlab pipelines
    • Oversee the quality of development and staging environments and utilize them to perform a variety of tests: e2e, load, stress, etc.

Preferred Experience


  • Must
    • Basic experience with Python and knowledge of OOP
    • Experience with web technologies and concepts (HTTP, REST)
    • Practical experience with test pyramid concept
    • Knowledge of at least one of the unit testing frameworks (e.g. pytest, NUnit, JUnit.. ), pytest preferred
    • Experience with UI testing (selenium, playwright, etc.)
  • Nice to have
    • User-level knowledge of Linux and docker
    • Active skill with relational databases
    • Experience with Selenium web driver
    • Microservice architecture knowledge
    • Experience with pact contract tests framework
    • Experience with testing event-driven systems

What we value

  • Ability to take ownership and move towards shared goals without supervision
  • Positive, can-do attitude with a no-excuse startup mindset
  • Passion to learn new things

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