Quality Engineer

Brno I Full Time

ThreatMark is a startup founded by software engineers as manifested in the values that are deeply rooted in the company culture – putting quality first. We respect that a team’s optimal performance is achieved when it’s self-managed. Similarly, we expect team members to be capable of working independently.

Why are we looking for you?

At the moment, the development team consists of 2 testers who are engaged in both manual and automated testing. Test automation has a higher priority for our company, that is why we are searching for a new colleague. 

What do your future team and work look like?

Our development team has 16 members now, 2 of us specialize in testing (Vašek and Mirek). We are a Scrum team, work in 2-week sprints, and release approximately once per month. We write Selenium tests for web applications and Appium tests for Android applications, both in Python 3.8 using the latest pytest framework. Among others, we also take part in defining acceptance criteria for new user stories, write acceptance tests, maintain our testing environments and CI pipelines, test user stories and bugs within sprints and execute regression tests (both manual and automated) before releases.

What should you know?

You should have at least 1-year experience with test automation, preferably using Selenium.  We do not require you having prior experience with Python or pytest, although it is definitely an advantage. Our stack is based on Linux – we expect you to be familiar with it. It is also crucial that you know your way around Git and web technologies (e.g., HTTP, REST, and CORS). The product is dockerized – it is a plus if you have experience with that. Understanding the basics of relational databases is also an advantage. We regularly work with AWS and improve our CI, it is therefore also advantageous if you have some experience with AWS, Terraform, Ansible or GitLab CI.

Our projects are developed by applying the Scrum framework, so it’s great if you already know Scrum or other practices and methodologies for agile development. We also expect you to have a good command of English because you’ll read and write in English on a daily basis and, occasionally, some of our meetings are held in English as well.

Opinions from the team:

“I didn’t want to work for a company that just ‘keeps up with the times’. I wanted to work for one that’s not afraid of unexplored territory. That’s why I’m at ThreatMark.” – Vašek 

“Working in ThreatMark is highly dynamic, you can expect that things and workflows change fast. Our backlog is completely full and making sure that every task is correctly prioritized is really hard. That said, if you are not afraid of making decisions and contributing to the development process nearly at any stage, ThreatMark is a place where no one will stop you. ThreatMark is the best example I have ever seen of the so-called “Bottom-up approach”. Our QE team is so closely integrated with DEV that we have maintainers access to our main repository. If your Python skills are up to the task, you can help with anything within the sprint scope.  Do you need certain changes merged before release? Go and help with the review!” – Mirek

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