Security Engineer

Brno I Full Time

What your work will look like?

Are you interested in the IT Security field and you don’t want to be only a Developer or a Fraud Analyst? We have a great opportunity for you – you could divide your work into these two roles.

We are looking for someone, who will be in touch with our customers/partners and according to their needs will develop new features in Python for our product, which prevents the hackers do unauthorized actions within the internet or mobile banking.

We also focus on phishing activities, make analyses of malware. We try to identify new practices of threats. We also make the automation of our processes, we use Python scripts. Everything runs on a Linux platform. We prepare reports about our results for our customers, so we work with databases.

Who will you work with?

Our SOC team includes 3 members. One of us is focused on the user experience part of the application, the second one works on the backend part and makes analyses and the third manages it as a whole.

The team closely works with all teams in ThreatMark. We cooperate with developers and testers, we meet together also with delivery and sales teams and if our tasks are related to administrators, we deal them with our support teams.

What you should know?

Important for us is at first your interest in the IT Security field.

Programming and scripting in Python will be a part of your work. We don’t need an experienced developer, but you should be able to write easy scripts/codes. We appreciate it if you will be able to do selects and joins within databases. During the adaptations, the common knowledge about the Linux platform and web technologies could help you.

What you must have is good English and Czech language knowledge. You must be able to communicate easily with our multinational and Czech customers/partners.

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