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Brno I Full Time

ThreatMark is a startup founded by software engineers, which is evident by the values that are deeply rooted in the company culture. In essence, we care deeply about always challenging ourselves, learning, looking for solutions instead of excuses, and putting the quality first. We respect that the team’s optimal performance is best achieved when it’s self-managed. Similarly, we expect team members to be capable of working independently.

What is most interesting about our work?

Our product! The product you’ll be working on helps our customers – renowned banking institutions from all around the world – to verify the identity of users that are using a protected app, usually Internet banking. To do that, we use machine learning (Neural networks, Random forests, Markov chains, etc.), GRPC, and plenty of other cool techs. We’re all about performance; a lot of your work will focus on profiling and optimization.

What will your workday look like?

Mostly, you’ll be working on new features – our roadmap is full of exciting stuff! You’ll be implementing non-trivial business logic with Python (Flask, Numpy, SQLAlchemy), writing and tuning database queries (for MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis) and configuring AWS deployment (using Terraform). Part of your work will consist of writing unit tests (with pytest) and making sure our system is observable (using Prometheus and Grafana). If you are not that comfortable with Python or some of the other techs, do not worry; we are looking for problem solvers and will help you fill in the gaps. You’ll also be doing Code Reviews and reducing tech debt.

What about our team?

You will be joining a cross-functional team that takes care of mobile, frontend, backend, QA, and infrastructure. We take full ownership of the features we develop and the bugs we fix, all the way from initial analysis to observing metrics in production. Among others, you’ll be working with Štěpán, who is the team’s expert in AI and biometry. Also, we’re powerfully agile!

How do we picture you?

We say that a good developer has to know how he/she thinks about the programming as a whole; it isn’t just about the language; however, backend and also frontend of our products are developed in Python. Because of that, we will be happy if you participated in some projects in this language. Within the frontend, we also use Vanilla JavaScript. Also, this experience could be an advantage. Our stack is based on Linux, so we expect that you are familiar with it. It’s also crucial that you know your way around git and web technologies (e.g., HTTP, REST, and CORS). The product is dockerized, so it’s a plus if you have experience with it.

And why are we looking for a new member?

We are a young company searching for talented and enthusiastic people. There are never enough skilled developers, competent, and smart people to join our team. Nevertheless, we welcome each new idea and view. Because of this, if you are interested in the above, write to us, and we could arrange a meeting for more information.

Opinions from the team:

“It’s exciting to be working with highly experienced and motivated people. I learn something new every day. It’s also great that the tech stack is fun to work with.” – Ondra

“Outside of being surrounded by people inspiring on both professional and personal levels, the product and field itself are exciting, and there’re many possibilities to learn cool new stuff. Also, what I like is the fact that we’re expected to think. We’re not mindless coffee consuming – code producing machines, but engineers, whose ideas directly affect the product.” – Jindra

“In ThreatMark, I am always looking forward to working with amazing people and doing something that matters, with a global impact. This job allows me to meet cutting-edge technologies and face new challenges every day.” – Tomáš

More info:

If you understand Czech we recommend you to listen to this SCRIPTease podcast where our CTO Kryštof Hilar discusses technology and stack behind ThreatMark:




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