Scrum Master

We are looking for an agile enthusiast with knowledge of the development cycle.

How do we understand the role?

In case the role of the Scrum Master doesn’t mean only managing the daily stand-ups to you, then you are looking at it the same way our company does. Our highest priority is to drive the change and to build a real cross-functional and self-organized teams. The Scrum Master must be able to motivate the team and to put the message that it is NOT only about the code, reviews, tests, and docs across, but also about DELIVERING A REAL VALUE! That is why we are looking for someone, who will help us to move our agile thinking a bit further. We truly mean it, and the agile way has maximum support from the company management. We are going agile already, we work with external consultants, and we need a dedicated and experienced Scrum Master to move things forward.

What would your job look like?

Our development team consists of 18 members now, and they work in 2-week sprints. We would like to divide them into 2 to 3 separate teams to work more effectively. Your role would include moderating and coordinating these teams, ensuring the co-operation with the other technical teams, setting up rules of operations, keeping processes resolving various situations, and preventing potential problems. In some cases, you will also operate as a coach.

How do we imagine a suitable candidate?

We don’t need only an academic, but also an agile enthusiast. We are looking for true experts in leadership. You should have at least 2 years of experience within the Scrum Master role and the knowledge of the development cycle. You should be able to motivate teams, guide them to achieve the best results most effectively, and prioritize appropriately. We expect a proactive and independent person, with out-of-the-box thinking. A communicative level of English is a must.

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