Automated phishing site takedown with Namecheap and ThreatMark API integration

Phishing is the scourge of the modern digital era. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report notes that over 82% of data breaches include the human element, with phishing as the main vector. Similarly, the FBI’s IC3 report quantifies $4.2 billion of damages from cybercrime led by phishing, business email compromise, and extortion. It is now obvious […]

How Fraud Prevention Solutions Help Banks Become Trusted & Safe

From personal to business – trust is essential for any healthy and prosperous relationship. And losing it is detrimental. Similarly, safety is an inherent human need. Jeopardizing it is devastating. No one in the world likes to be disappointed, used, or feel unsafe. Simply, in all aspects of our lives, we shouldn’t gamble with trust […]

I have your password. Catch me if you can – BACArA can

Public live demo on the BACArA technology was presented on conference SECURITY 2016, held in Prague on 17th February and more than 50 conference guests had opportunity to challenge new Digital Identity Sensing Technology….

Client Behavior is the new password

Fraud detection in online banking certainly represents a non-trivial task against the perennial problem of increasingly sophisticated fraudulent schemes. Authentication of the user in modern applications is one of the tasks where traditional fraud detection systems fail to provide reliable decisions leaving enough space for fraudsters to come in and commit their activity.