Google Bug that Makes Your Bank More Vulnerable to Phishing

Open Redirect is one of the most overlooked vulnerabilities with potentially devastating consequences. The simple flaw allows a fraudster to redirect the user to a phishing website without raising any suspicion by masking the URL as a legitimate one. Since ThreatMark deals with this issue often, let’s dig deeper and find out how this vulnerability […]

2015 fraudulent cyber attacks resolved

  The world is changing fast, the digital economy is growing and the number of digital payments is increasing.  We at ThreatMark successfully managed to solve many fraudulent cyber attacks in 2015. We also found unweaponized / piloted threats that will emerge in large scale in 2016 against selected organisations and their clients. We bring […]

ThreatMark European Media Monitoring Cyber Fraud Report

ThreatMark media research covering more than 400 press articles across all European countries has revealed that Phishing is the most mentioned and discussed ahead of other fraudulent cyberattacks such as financial malware and Remote Administration tool abuse. We are going to bring you a summary of that media research, followed by our expert opinion – […]