Building Partnerships in the Security Space

5.3.2017 Uncategorized

Successfully landing proof-of-concept (POC) partnerships is the cornerstone of B2B business development, and can be quite tricky in the cyber security space. Naturally, it’s incredibly inefficient to cold email security managers or analysts with a sales pitch, as they cannot experiment with new software solutions day-in day-out.

At ThreatMark, we are certain that we are ahead of our competition given the breadth and sophistication of our fraud-prevention solution. However, it’s challenging to demonstrate that in a business vertical with so many gatekeepers. Instead of time-consuming networking events and startup contest, we decided to look for more niche events.

That’s when we found D-raft, an organization that helps startups and companies grow together by organizing industry-specific events to boost collaboration. The catch is that they get only the most important players, so no one’s time is wasted on bold networking.

At their Warsaw chapter, they brought together all the key players in the Polish cyber security space, such as Citi Handlowy, MasterCard PL or Millennium Bank. From 3000 runner-ups, ThreatMark made it to the 8 finalist and got to present their novel fraud prevention solution. Our live demo has finally made to the exact audience we were after: purchasing decision-makers in the cyber security space. It turned out to be quite a fruitful event, as we managed to sign 4 POC deals as the result of our presentation.

To summarize, telling your story to 8 relevant people is way more effective than talking to millions.

We’ll continue to identify such quality events, because we learnt that focus pays off down the road!

Let us know if you know of something relevant for us.