ThreatMark Cyber Fraud Report Europe 2015 – Cyber Fraudsters favorite countries in EU revealed

27.1.2016 Research

Your cyber protection team @ThreatMark have produced a final summary for 2015 on how the year was from the on-line payment and digital banking risk perspective. Part of the research was the modelling of fraudulent cyber scene maturity in European countries.

As an addition to traditional and neXtGEN Security models, we have created this model from the cyber-criminal market maturity perspective – e.g. where the attacker’s business is going smoothly and at the other end of the scale where countries have just been discovered by attackers.

The countries where attackers operate their business as usual and to full extent in Europe are Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. The point is, that in these countries the criminal “cyber” and “street” culture means these people are meeting and operating in accord, at high efficiency, at a level that can be described by the words “Crime as Usual”. The dependency of some groups on cyber crime is very high, so “crime must flow” to enable positive cyber-criminal cashflow.

A country just discovered by attackers may be overwhelmed by cyber raiders if found attractive or lucrative by fraudsters. Of course we are talking about the global financial cyber-crime scene, local cyber-criminal thinking may become global cyber-crime – at the speed of thought, the speed that Digital business flows, as demonstrated after several malware strains’ source code went public between the years 2014 and 2015.
Let the model help you to sense what the year 2016 will be like.