ThreatMark Has a New Sales Director

11.5.2020 TM News

ThreatMark builds a new strong Sales team in Brno, and since May, we have a new Head of Sales, Ota Čermák. We asked him a few questions about himself and his visions.

Could you introduce yourself? 

I’ve been working in the cybersecurity industry for more than 11 years, spent a lot of time on travels around the globe, and I have met hundreds of great people from whom many have become my friends. What I have been doing, everything is sales related, throughout my whole career since I entered this industry in 2008.

My previous position had been a global business development manager. I established new channels, trained sales teams, helped our partners to kickstart new products on their local market successfully, and also spoke countless times on various types of events across the globe.

There are certain principles I found to be quite useful along the way – Common sense is the best compass, giving an example is the best shortcut, and being truthful makes your life easy. 

How do you want to attract new customers and boost the growth of ThreatMark?

I firmly believe we can boost up by expanding into the new regions, strengthen our global channel partner network, and replicate our European success. Also, our product itself has excellent marketing potential since it’s unique, and it’s helping modern banks to be not only more compliant and more secured but also even way more user friendly!

Why did you choose ThreatMark?

Simply because it’s a fascinating company, it matched all my preferences like:

  • outstanding Hi-tech security product
  • great team and open atmosphere 
  • HQ in Brno 
  • great global potential and interesting references

And personally, I fell in love with our logo too! My childhood dream was to be an archeologist, and this design has some unconscious reference to it.

What are your favorite places in the world, or which location did you enjoy, and why? 

It is difficult to pick just a few, so I’ll just let it flow naturally: Latin America, for its lovely vibe, nature, and people, especially Colombia, is in my heart forever. Singapore for its food, colors, and weather, also it’s pretty relaxed (unless you work there ?). Moscow surprisingly for it’s strange and reeeeally strong, dark atmosphere – I recommend going during autumn, and … well, the United States, there is an unknown reason, something inside me that makes me go back at least once a year. I think I had one of the greatest evenings in my life in Nashville, TN, and I think everyone should see California at least once in a lifetime.

Lucie Pavelková
Lucie Pavelková  

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