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    Know your client!

    If you know your client, you can stop fraud and cyber-attacks.

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    Stop fraud and cyber-attacks!

    If you stop fraud and cyber-attacks. You can facilitate your business growth.

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    Eliminate anonymous identity!

    If you eliminate anonymous identity, accessing, login, navigation, making transaction, leaving... and returning of your digital client will be safe and confident.

Banks, payment and transaction providers, online & mobile stores

use the ThreatMark Digital Identity Sensing Solution to significantly reduce fraudulent transactions and protect online users against cyber threats, such as Web hacking, Phishing, Malware, Remote Access Trojans (RAT), Account Takeovers, Man-in-the-Browser (MitB), Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), and even hard to catch Social Engineering attacks.


One tool based on Digital Identity Sensing Technology brings the synergy of having all needed Fraud and CSX Capabilities under one roof and enables Detection/Prevention/Reaction tasks to be done more smoothly than ever.


Financial malware

New, 0-day malware attacks using web injection techniques, data tampering and automated fraud schemes are detected within hours. Man-in-The-Middle, Man-in-The-Browser or RAT-in-The-Browser threats are not only detected but also mitigated.

Social Engineering

Known Social Engineering fraud schemes using friends trusted relationship on social networks, phishing campaigns, polluted search results, scams etc. as well as new currently unknown attacks often lead to credentials abuse by a fraudster. We can detect such abuse and stop the fraud.

Account takeover

Our unique concept of Biometry-augmented continuous adaptive re-authentication (BACArA) using futuristic mouse movement monitoring and keystroke dynamics methods as well as more traditional approach employing session parameters change monitoring are the most important for successful detection of fraudulent access which is a key to transaction fraud detection.

Fraudulent transactions

Even if our other Digital Identity Sensing (DIS) methods fail to tell whether your application is used by a fraudster or legitimate user nothing is lost. No matter if it is password change or transaction being issued our AI based active operations anomaly detection mechanism supported by user-defined rules will kick in and raise a scored flag to tell you whether any fraud is being committed.

Session stealing

Whether its user’s active authenticated session being transferred to attacker’s computer or remote access Trojan used to impersonate legitimate user our solution is able to detect such attempts in a real time. All sessions that have been tampered with are clearly marked and scored so that any transaction, withdrawal or helpdesk request initiated by this session will be scrutinized by security or fraud department.

Web hacking

Hard to catch business logic bypass, application misuse attempts and scraping as well as notorious SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting attacks are covered.


Phishing attacks are detected in multiple stages from phishing site creation and publishing (onpage probes) through attack execution (using network of specialized honeypots) to Phished credentials misuse attempts. Phished users (victims) as well as Phishing attackers are identified and reported.

Insecure configuration

Complete information about all user devices including insecure software and browser plugins installed, networks the application is accessed from and anonymization techniques being used.

For Digital Banks and Digital Business, we have crafted neXtGEN Fraud prevention - a Cyber Criminal behavior detection system based on Digital Identity Sensing Technology (DIST).

We Monitor, Detect, Evaluate, Think, Feel, Understand, Prove, Sense, what the Digital Identity of your client or an attacker is, whether any action was taken by your client or an attacking fraudster.

ThreatMark Solution’s Artificial Intelligence lead by humans delivers actionable real-time decision making to your Digital Business. Fraud and Cybersecurity attacks are automatically mitigated by ThreatMark Solution, no matter what attack comes forth, our neXtGEN protection senses it and protects your clients and your business.

Grow your Digital Banking. Reduce Fraud and Cyber-attacks with Digital Identity Sensing.

"We believe that only an integrated platform of the best detection capabilities of web fraud detection, malware detection and traditional fraud detection systems working together and benefiting from the synergy with such state-of-the-art technology as device-less biometrics and user-behavior sensing can effectively mitigate current and forthcoming attacks."

Michal Tresner, ThreatMark, CEO & Co-Founder