ThreatMark Partners

We work with two distinct partner types...

Resellers & Distributors

We are partnering with business around the world to offer ThreatMark on their local markets. 

We invite all business to become a part of our global efforts to fight fraud in the online banking. 

Help your customers lower fraud rates and account takeover incidents by leveraging our state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

If you’re a bank looking for a ThreatMark partner in your country, please visit this page where we list our active partner Resellers & Distributors.

Technological Partners

We firmly believe that technology is the best answer in  eliminating fraud and building trust in the digital world. 

Our own products, built to follow this philosophy, can be easily integrated and complement other solutions.

From risk projections, data sharing, to enhancing authentication through behavioral biometrics—ThreatMark complements existing banking solutions in solving various challenges. 

If your looking for more information on our technological scope and successful joint solutions, please visit our Technological Partners page. 

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