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Bringing trust to the digital world is easier with the right partners at your side.

ThreatMark partners with several businesses globally, offering our solutions to their local & international customers, continuing our collective global efforts in the fight against fraud in banking, financial services, and fintech markets. Help your customers lower fraud rates and detect and prevent scams and socially engineered fraud incidents by leveraging our behavioral intelligence platform.


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Our Partners

Technology Partnerships

ThreatMark believes that technology could be the answer to eliminating fraud and building trust in the digital world. ThreatMark solutions seamlessly integrate with other technologies to provide an ultimate banking experience. 

ThreatMark can easily integrate and complement existing fraud prevention tools to solve various challenges, from risk projections and data sharing to enhancing authentication through behavioral biometrics.  

Fighting fraud with complementing tech

ThreatMark seamlessly integrates with other technologies to provide an ultimate fraud prevention experience. Bringing trust to the digital world is our guiding principle, and we’re open to partnering with others to build safer and better online digital banking. 

We’re looking to partner with tech & solution providers: 

  • Fraud Analytics Platforms  
  • Omnichannel banking providers 
  • Identity verification & authentication providers

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