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Cyber Fraud Fusion Center

ThreatMark’s Cyber Fraud Fusion Center stands at the forefront of fighting cyber threats.

Financial institutions are prime targets for cyber threats like fraud, phishing, and malware. Ensuring complete protection of banking platforms and customers saving is vital, with significant financial and reputational damage on the line.

Prevent fraud and strengthen trust.

Central to an effective fraud protection strategy, the Cyber Fraud Fusion Center boasts unmatched visibility across ThreatMark’s customer base. Leveraging centralized resources, deep expertise, and proprietary tools to offer the broadest set of threat intelligence available, this tech-enabled managed service is available both as a standalone offering and in conjunction with the ThreatMark platform.

Fraud can lead to direct financial loss of customers’ savings through unauthorized transactions, and phishing attacks are one means of a fraudster gaining unauthorized access to an account. Including established relationships with application stores, search engine providers, internet domain registrars, and hosting providers allow for the swift shutdown of threats, deploying the services of the Cyber Fraud Fusion Center offers the complete protection of financial institutions and their customers.

Integrating threat intelligence, detection, analytics, malware classification, threat hunting, response, and internal tooling into a cohesive operational framework.


Our services.

  • Malware Classification

    Ongoing detection of malware attacks against our customers, leveraging tools and expertise for binary and code analysis.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Gathering tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence indicating signals compromise, data exposure, or other vulnerabilities.

  • Advanced Analytics

    With capabilities in threat hunting and response, providing a holistic view of the threat landscape including threats undetected by standard alerts.

  • Strategic Intelligence Gathering

    With a focus on indicators of compromise, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence platforms.

  • Internal Tool Development

    Investment in the ongoing detection and mitigation of sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring businesses can effectively protect against fraud.

  • Security Roadmap Design

    Operational support for businesses, encompassing safeguarding roles against cyber threats.

Complete fraud prevention.

  • ThreatMark
    Threat Hunting

    Operating 24/7, Cyber Fraud Fusion Center proactively hunts and remediates threats that go undetected by standard alerts.

  • tech-stack
    Threat Response

    ThreatMark's Cyber Fraud Fusion Center provides a holistic view of the threat environment, covering every dimension of threat response including brand abuse mitigation, phishing site takedown process, and more.

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