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Risk and Compliance Department

The unspoken heroes in the fight against fraud.


The role of risk and compliance in digital fraud.

The Compliance Department are unsung guardians, upholding the integrity and reputation of the financial institution through meticulous adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

Their mission is twofold: safeguard the institution and its customers while preserving customer confidentiality. This delicate balance is always a priority for the department.

As governments, regulatory authorities, and significant entities consistently develop new regulations aimed at protecting susceptible customers, it falls upon the Compliance Department to monitor these evolving regulations. They are responsible for gathering insights from the regulatory landscape and integrating this knowledge into the institution’s practices.

How ThreatMark supports Risk and Compliance teams

Strong & Invisible Authentication

Financial institutions face the challenge of balancing secure authentication with customer experience. The use of outdated authentication methods results in increased friction without necessarily improving security.

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Login Biometry Anomaly

The keystroke dynamics observed during the login process differ from the previously recorded ones in this client’s history. Such a variance could imply that the account is being accessed by a different user, possibly another legitimate user or someone with access to the credentials. Alternatively, it might signal a malicious scenario where an attacker has illicitly obtained the credentials and is attempting unauthorized access to the victim’s account.

Winning the war against scams and social engineering.

48% of financial institutions executives see scams and social engineering as the greatest modern threat. Traditional fraud detection methods are therefore ineffective as fraudsters now commonly avoid direct interaction with banking platforms, preferring to manipulate victims into making a transaction. Winning the war against scams and social engineering requires arming organizations with the right tools at the right time.

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Traditional fraud prevention tools are no longer enough.

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