Because the way you fight fraud matters

ThreatMark helps banks fight fraud with an unmatched scope — from early threat detection, over behavioral biometrics to transaction risk analysis — everything a bank needs to build seamless online banking experiences across all digital channels.

Complete Fraud Prevention

ThreatMark Anti-Fraud Suite (AFS) is the most advanced fraud prevention solution, with a unique feature set & scope. Our comprehensive solution covers protections across the entire customer journey, through:

Layer 1 – Threat Detection – early warning scope where threats are detected even before they make any damage

Layer 2 – Identity Verification – where legitimate users are verified and fraudsters are denied

Layer 3 – Transaction Risk Analysis – where all transactions are evaluated, monitored and scored

More details on ThreatMark AFS features, layers and scope, here.


Major banks implementing ThreatMark AFS reap the benefits

70% Better
threat detection rate

90% Fewer
false positives
90% Decrease
in authentication costs (sent SMS)
Fast delivery with Lower cost of ownership

Safe, trusted & seamless digital  banking experience

Digest the details from the Slovenská sporiteľňa (ERSTE Group) success story, here.

At least 6 reasons why banks choose ThreatMark AFS


Detecting fraud beyond transactions, having the risk scores in a wider context

From early threat detection, through user identity verification to transaction risk analysis—ThreatMark AFS is everything a bank needs to eliminate fraud, minimize legal and financial risk, and safeguard the banks reputation.

Where legacy FDSs fail in recognizing threats and precisely validating user identities – ThreatMark shines providing a complete context for enhanced fraud prevention and smarter risk scoring. Finally, banks can discover more fraud, reduce false positives and save time investigating cases.


Recognized by markets, trusted by major banks

ThreatMark has been recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor for the Online Fraud Detection, named Deloitte’s Top Technology Fast 50 for CE; won 2019 AI Award and many more.

But, we are most proud of our clients’ successes and our joint work in solving their major challenges. Among many, we’re proud that we helped Slovenská sporiteľňa (ERSTE Group) build safer online banking with seamless user experience, all while ensuring they are PSD2 compliant.


Protecting online banking in matter of weeks

ThreatMark AFS can be deployed both on-cloud and on-prem. Additionally, our modular and flexible anti-fraud solution can be deployed fast.

We deliver results in weeks so you can get protected from emerging threats and fraud scenarios really fast. With a simple .js snippet installation our solutions can provide protection in no more than 2 weeks.

With Raiffeisen HU bank, we fought off and eliminated large-scale phishing attacks within a month. 


One package, lots of value

Because ThreatMark AFS is a complete fraud prevention solution – banks do not need to use or own any other system.

The way we package our solution helps you whether you’re looking for a completely new system or a replacement of your existing legacy systems. We built our technology to complement existing banking systems  for maximum security, ROI and value.

Our SaaS delivery ensures you have the latest AFS version always, with ever-improving features and threat detection for timely fraud prevention.


Proactive, engaging cybersecurity expertise

Our technology is complemented by cybersecurity experts in our Cyber Fraud Fusion Center.

The CFFC experts vigilantly monitor the threats landscape and closely work with out clients in mitigating current and future threats.

Our team ensures that our cybersecurity know-how & expertise—compiled from our work with all our clients—is applied to all relevant departments.

From fraud analysts to call-center operatives we encourage and enable everyone so the fraud and threats are successfully eliminated in a wider scope. 


Direct vendor support

We are determined to provide the best services and support to our customers 24/7/365.

Beyond the product, support and project management—we also organize fraud prevention & cybersecurity workshops and educational seminars for our clients.

We gladly engage with our clients and sharing know-how, discussing various trending fraud schemes and cyber attacks.

We’re most happy when we jointly build solutions to various challenges ranging from stopping RAT attacks, ensuring compliance to strong customer authorization through behavioral biometrics.


Enhancing Security & UX makes a
better bank

We worked with Slovenská  sporiteľňa (ERSTE GROUP) to build better, secured & seamless online banking for their users. All while eliminating fraud & minimizing risk.

ThreatMark’s solution was able to identify threats in 100% test cases and shown 70% better detection rate than other tested competitors.

Jan Adamovský, CISO

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