I have your password. Catch me if you can – BACArA can

18.2.2016 TM News TM Services

Public live demo on the BACArA technology was presented on conference SECURITY 2016, held in Prague on 17th February and more than 50 conference guests had opportunity to challenge new Digital Identity Sensing Technology….

Anton Salykin has presented details about Biometry Augmented Continuous re-Authentication (BACArA) on conference SECURITY 2016. Details can be found in article “User behavior is the new password”.

As Anton was speaking, public live demo presentation was available to public. Around  50 conference guests used the opportunity to not to login using provided “stolen” credentials.

The modeled scenario was simple:

  • we asked our hostess to log-in and to enter a transaction in simulated online banking application
  • then we made Username and Password available public
  • we asked conference guest to perform simulated fraudulent transaction, as many attempts as they wanted
  • more than 50 conference guest tried to perform simulated fraudulent transaction
  • BACArA detected that conference guest did not behave as our hostess used to

More details about BACArA will be present in near future, keep tuned and subscribe to ThreatMark’s blog.

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