The landscape of cyber threats is constantly evolving, forcing banks to employ fraud detection systems. We are here to help.

18.3.2019 Research

7 Tips How to Recognize Phishing E-mail Pretending to be from Your Bank

Recently our internet probes detected  several massive phishing campaigns aiming at banks mostly located in Europe. All of them are fitting the same patterns...

7.2.2019 Research

Dockerized Redis performance on CentOS 7.5

ThreatMark AFS (Anti Fraud Suite) is a system that delivers real-time insights on the user behavior and risk associated with every user action within digital banking or similar applications....

24.1.2019 TM News

Another Malware from Spy.Banker Family Attacks Czech Banks

Czech banks are under attack again. To be more specific, their clients are. Using the already proven strategy, a trojan horse called Android/Spy.Banker.AKJ delivers malicious payload...

4.10.2018 Uncategorized

Attack Vector of Android/Spy.Banker.AIX. Country Specific Malware Aimed at Banking Application

Attack Vector of Android/Spy.Banker.AIX. Country Specific Malware Aimed at Banking Application Any application that you have installed...

15.11.2017 TM News

Banking Trojans are on the rise 

Over the last 2 months a massive growth of banking trojans was identified and reported by multiple security research resources. Banking trojans, such as Zeus, Ramnit and Trickbot,...

1.11.2017 TM News

ThreatMark announces partnership with BSC

ThreatMark has reached an important agreement with leading multichannel solution provider - BSC. ThreatMark will provide BSC its fraud detection platform that helps broaden portfolio...

9.10.2017 TM News

ThreatMark is present this week at Gitex in Dubai!

20.9.2017 TM News

Meet ThreatMark team in Dubai!

Are you interested in meeting of ThreatMark team? Come visit our stand at the Gitex Technology week! ThreatMark company will be present at the Gitex Technology week which will be held...

7.7.2017 TM News

ThreatMark succeed at the BankTech Asia

As the winner of Fin5ive we were present at one of the biggest finance exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region – BankTech in Kuala Lumpur. At this event the ThreatMark team was honoured...