Rich Analytical Interface

An intuitive graphical interface with multi-layered information makes it easy to assess big data and cover a wide range of cyber threats, including online banking fraud.

You can view just the basic data, or get a comprehensive analysis to understand recent events and the current system status. We know how to extract and present the most important details that will enable you to make informed decisions.

The fraud trends and threats are constantly changing, so we have made sure you will be able to adjust the decision rules to match your requirements. Combined with our machine learning, the best results will be achieved.

Our rich interface navigates you through all end-user data, offering various methods of detailed analysis and interpretation. To gain valuable insight, it is essential to have the data displayed in a meaningful way, and the interface gives you plenty of options.

The dashboard provides an overview of the top security events, helping you to understand the evolution of risk events and warning you about any current risks, such as end users being in danger.