ThreatMark & Technological Partners

Bringing trust to the digital world is way easier with the right partners at the side. We're always willing to partner with the like minded solution providers and integrate with their complementary tech to provide the most comprehensive fraud prevention solution on the market.

Fighting fraud with complementing tech

We’ve built ThreatMark to seamlessly integrate with other technologies to provide an ultimate banking experience.

Bringing Trust to the Digital World is our guiding principle and we’re open to partner with others to build safer and better online digital banking.

At the moment we’re looking to partner with tech & solution providers:

– Fraud Analytics Platforms which could complement ThreatMark tech and approach

– Omnichannel banking providers

– Identity verification & authentication providers


ThreatMark approach is simple, yet powerful

ThreatMark Anti-Fraud Suite (AFS) is the most advanced fraud prevention solution, with a unique feature set & scope. Our comprehensive solution covers protections across the entire customer journey, through:

Layer 1 – Threat Detection – early warning scope where threats are detected even before they make any damage

Layer 2 – Identity Verification – where legitimate users are verified and fraudsters are denied

Layer 3 – Transaction Risk Analysis – where all transactions are evaluated, monitored and scored

More details on ThreatMark AFS features, layers and scope, view here.


Interested in a Technological Partnership? Reach out to us...