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Behavioral Intelligence Platform

ThreatMark’s behavioral intelligence platform is the latest in the evolution in fraud detection and prevention. It is designed to analyze user behaviors and patterns to prevent fraudulent activities in real-time. By monitoring how customers typically interact with banking platforms, it becomes significantly easier to identify anomalies or suspicious actions, enhancing security measures. ThreatMark’s flexible deployment options cater to both web and mobile banking applications, ensuring comprehensive security.

ThreatMark’s behavioral intelligence platform is the deep learning based behavioral profiling engine.

This AI-powered engine collects and analyzes hundreds of data points ranging from session and device parameters, to environmental cues, to transaction details, and to user specific behavioral biometrics. ThreatMark gathers this data autonomously, without the burdensome need to integrate to an institution’s historical data, leading to rapid implementation and faster time to fraud fighting.

This wide ranging data sourcing allows ThreatMark to create a completely trusted user profile. This profile gets strengthened every time the user logins and uses online banking applications as they usually do. This deep profile is crucial for situations when a customer is being coerced by a scammer. It’s a critical part of how we stop scams and social engineering.

We built ThreatMark to stop fraud as early as possible. Our layered security approach spans from early warning threat detection, to user verification, and to transaction risk analysis.

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Layered Fraud Prevention Approach

Early Warning Threat Detection

Whether scammers use phishing, RAT, SIM swap, malware, webinjects or any other attack vector – ThreatMark can detect and learn from it. Using adaptive threat detection technology & cybersecurity expertise we seamlessly protect users across all digital channels. Additionally, our own Cyber Fraud Fusion Center team of cybersecurity experts vigilantly survey the digital realm for ongoing threats.


Customer ID Verification

Our behavioral biometrics technology is also used to provide an inherence factor as part of strong customer authentication. This is in complete compliance with the definition of inherence in the EU’s PSD2 regulation. This ability to provide one of the factors in a multi-factor authentication scheme, enables banks to provide seamless user experience without relying on other costly authentication methods.

Constant Behavior Monitoring

ThreatMark’s uses AI/ML to analyze users’ navigation behavior, transactions, payment creation patterns, and associated risks. All anomalies across all digital payment channels are captured, assessed, and evaluated for risk. This means, if a user is under coercion of a scammer, their navigation and transactions will be monitored. ThreatMark helps banks to be compliant with PSD2 and SCA or industry’s 3D Secure 2 regulations.