ThreatMark announces partnership with BSC

1.11.2017 TM News

ThreatMark has reached an important agreement with leading multichannel solution provider – BSC. ThreatMark will provide BSC its fraud detection platform that helps broaden portfolio of the BSC products for their banking customers. The new integrated platform will make BSC customers stay ahead of financial fraud and compliant with the new regulations such as PSD2.


“This is not only business partnership it is technical integration of the two modern products into one powerful multichannel platform. This is quite logical step as customers want all-in-one digital banking solution that is both modern, secure and regulation ready. This agreement will allow us not only to accelerate our business activities in CEE region, but also, and more importantly, to boost business activities on foreign markets such as Russia and US”, says Michal Tresner, CEO of ThreatMark.



About BSC

BSC, Czech Republic-based company has been providing high quality software solutions to financial institutions since its foundation in 1990. It is one of the leading providers of digital banking for financial institutions mainly in Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Approximately 10 million end users use BSC’s digital banking applications.



About ThreatMark


ThreatMark is a team of experienced business leaders and security experts who have built and secured on-line channels for major financial groups and banks around Europe. Our technology is highly specialized fraud prevention solution effectively combining cyber threats detection capabilities with user identity verification supported by latest advances in machine learning. Thanks to the holistic image of the user behaviour throughout the digital channels journey we are able to distinguish legitimate users from fraudsters and detect fraudulent behaviours with high accuracy and low false positives.