Use Cases

AFS is extremely flexible, our Technology can be easily implemented in a wide variety of applications, focusing on preventing fraud with a frictionless experience.

Online Banking Fraud

Online banking threats are on the rise worldwide. Phishing, account takeover, banking malware, scraping and fraudulent transactions, are just a few challenges facing banks. ThreatMark AFS successfully eliminates online banking fraud & protects bank's most precious resources and reputation.

Endpoint Protection

Insecure, compromised and infected devices of your customers, regardless of their platform, can be monitored, reported and isolated from your secure environment, preventing them from performing specific transactions.

Mobile Banking Fraud

ThreatMark AFS detects and mitigates mobile-specific fraud and threats. What is more, we employ sophisticated cross-channel verification to detect also the latest multi-platform attacks from a combination of devices.

Risk-Based Strong Customer Authentication

Our user identity verification is based on continuous behavioral biometry, which makes it possible to use strong, secure risk-based authentication and authorization, ensuring smooth user experience for your clients.

User Identity Verification

Serious issues such as identity theft and account takeover can be effectively prevented with deep behavioral profiling and behavioral biometrics. All while enabling streamlined experiences to legitimate customers.

PSD2 Compliance

Transaction monitoring, strong customer authentication, malware detection, user behavior profiling, device fingerprinting… these are new challenges required by the PSD2 regulation. ThreatMark AFS solves these within one platform.

Cyber Threats Protection

Malicious user activity, phishing, bots, screen scraping, banking malware and other cyber threats, including brand new and undescribed types, can be detected and mitigated with ThreatMark AFS in real time.

Dynamic Application Self-Protection

ThreatMark AFS helps you maintain integrity of your web and mobile applications, making them able to protect themselves from injections, tampering, malware, bots and hackers.

Online Lending

Our unique behavioral biometrics approach enables us to help effectively prevent online lending fraud and predict defaults. The smart technology significantly reduces both manual processing and costs.

Customer Onboarding

Using a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral biometrics and global identity intelligence, we can detect fake accounts, bot identities and fraudsters before they can cause any harm.

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