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What’s New in 2024: ThreatMark among Top Startups and a Website

April 3, 2024

As 2024 progresses, so do we at ThreatMark! For the third consecutive year, CzechCrunch has included us in its CC25 list of the top 25 most intriguing startups. We have also launched a website where you can explore everything about our company, behavioral intelligence, and the latest in anti-fraud trends.

The repeated acclaim by CzechCrunch, a renowned Czech media outlet covering business, startups, technology, and more, marks a significant achievement for us. CzechCrunch commented on ThreatMark’s listing in “Startups Worth Watching in 2024” by saying:

“ThreatMark reports more than 50 percent growth for 2023, which is said to be in line with plans. Investors continue to take an interest in the company, with a total of lower tens of millions of dollars sent in so far. Clients are equally interested, with O2, among others, deploying the technology. The company previously prided itself on growing annual recurring revenue by nearly 100 percent, and it has expanded its headquarters to the United States, where it has also found major new customers.”

CzechCrunch also published an article on ThreatMark’s achievements so far (Czech only).

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Our inclusion in the CC25 reflects our dedication, innovative spirit, and relentless effort in combating fraud. We’re committed to fostering trust in the digital world and are thrilled to see our work recognized by clients, partners, investors, and .

Additionally, we’re excited about our newly revamped website. It mirrors our solutions’ intuitiveness and provides our behavioral intelligence solutions and their role in secure, trustworthy digital environment. We’ve also planned an array of content for 2024 to keep you updated on the latest news and market trends.

Coming soon is a white paper on the evolving landscape of fraud liability. The practice of placing most risk and costs on defrauded customers is now clearly changing. The white paper will delve into the context of the liability shift and what banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) need to anticipate.

At ThreatMark, we’re looking forward to 2024 with excitement, expectation, and determination, and we wish the same for you. To discuss how our solutions can safeguard your customers from fraud, please feel free to reach out.

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