Account Takeover Fraud Detection

Prevent fraudsters to takeover legitimate accounts — stop the fraud before it can incur any damage



In the era of accelerated digitalization Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud is a genuine problem as criminals aim to gain account access to transfer money to their accounts or even steal the real users Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sell it on the dark web.

Any account is at risk of being taken over by fraudsters, including banks, credit cards, email and other service providers.

Online banking accounts are usually taken over as a result of phishing, spyware or malware scams.


Imperfect Solutions

Traditional solutions focus on a singular event to prevent ATO fraud. They monitor, evaluate and risk the related user transactions.
Although this is a good approach to capture transaction fraud—it is incomplete for detecting the account takeover fraud.

These days transactions are not a sole critical event in online banking. Online banking users today can manage their investments, apply for loans, access Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and build their digital identities.

All these are critical and require the same level of protection and security as transactions.



Advanced technologies, like behavioral biometrics, enable businesses to fight ATO before it can incur any damage. 

Today banks can protect their users across digital channels at every stage of their engagement in the online banking. 


The ThreatMark Solution

ThreatMark analyzes users, their device, session, and behavior at every step of their online journey.

From banking login to transactions – our behavior intelligence platform continuously and seamlessly verifies user’s identity and their intentions through behavioral biometrics, session parameters, transaction details, and complex interactions across all digital channels.

We process hundreds of data points to create completely trusted user identities which are impossible to fake. Based on them, ThreatMark precisely detects all related anomalies, identify threats & prevent account takeover.

Every device can be hacked, every session can be hijacked, SIMs can be swapped, and credentials stolen – but to fake legitimate user behavior and hack the complexity of all the data points we collect at once – is impossible.

So even if the scammers successfully steal the credentials and assume the identity, their efforts are circumvented and recognized before they can incur any damage.

ThreatMark’s scope and approach assures businesses understand their legitimate users and their normal behavior—all while blocking fraudsters, in real-time, across devices.

How we helped our customers


How our AI Powered Authentication enhanced security & User Experience for Slovenská sporiteľňa [ERSTE Group]


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