Customer Onboarding

ThreatMark offers a frictionless and innovative way of assessing new users during onboarding and account signup. Using behavioral biometrics, we gather only authentic data that enable us to present a complete and unbiased picture of every anonymous customer.

In the expanding fintech field, there is an increasing need to establish identity assessment of new users during their signup in order to prevent mule accounts, promo abuse, and other similar risks. The ordinary comparison of ID and name or detecting disposable mail providers does not suffice in this regard any more.

ThreatMark uses its deep behavioral profiling to describe a user as a human being, and in a language that will be understood by your business. ThreatMark solution allows defining custom user targets and categories based on your specific needs, and then provide an individual score in every category of interest for any individual user.

For example, a business may face a high rate of promo abuse, with low conversion and retention rates. In such a case, ThreatMark models are instructed to focus on identifying users who behave similarly to promo abusers encountered before, and the solution is then able to indicate potentially risky users who require extra attention. All this will happen just 500 ms after a user clicks on the “Sign up now” button.