Cyber Threats Protection

End users face threats and attacks each and every day. More sophisticated and advanced techniques are used, engaging multiple channels, evolving the tactics and inventing new ways to steal money from their legitimate owners.

Protect Your Clients in Real Time

Our unique solution employs the most advanced technology, behavioral analysis, data science and cyber threat research to detect both known and unknown threats. The ThreatMark engine can detect threats directly on a device, and across both web and mobile applications. Endpoint devices are constantly monitored and evidence is gathered by inspecting files, scanning running processes, evaluating application permissions and suspicious behavior – all without the need to download or install any agent. Risk level is then automatically calculated and analyzed in real time, minimizing manual effort by reporting only relevant security events to SOC analysts.

The analysts then can get down to an individual endpoint and obtain deep forensic records via rich analytics interface, visualize and analyze the details in context. The process speeds up investigation and helps identify various types of financial malware, phishing campaigns, bot access (screen scraping and API scraping) and other threats, and mitigate these in real time.