Endpoint Protection

As fraud schemes became more sophisticated, attackers are targeting specific channel vulnerabilities. For these, traditional security measures like antiviruses fail, and an effective tool to monitor all security events and behavior across the endpoints ecosystem is needed.

Secure All Your Endpoint Devices

We give banks the ability to recognize trusted returning clients and their devices by gathering all available data. Regardless of the platform and without any client-side agent, we detect insecure, compromised or infected devices. We analyze suspicious applications on them, installed plugins and the operation system status. In case of infection, the device can be automatically isolated from your secure environment, prevented from performing certain actions, and reported instantly for further investigation through centralized analytical interface.

We go beyond evidence-based checks – we collect the thousand pieces of information that clients create during their sessions on their devices, connect them, analyze them, and get an extensive relevant output.

Our solution continuously monitors behavior of a user and the devices they use. The information together serves as a proof of a user trustworthiness. We also use the ThreatMark user identity network intelligence to protect businesses through device identification, fingerprinting, honeypot technology, and location services. The service identifies returning customers even if they wipe cookies or use private browsing. It sets traps to detect malware in real time, and uses proxy piercing techniques to identify the true location and expose TOR networks or location spoofing.