Online Banking Fraud

Online banking channel threats such as Phishing, account takeover, banking malware, scraping and fraudulent transactions can be all solved if you have right tools. Integrated Anti Fraud Suite.

Online banking fraud takes on various forms. Phishing and social engineering are often the starting points for a number of targeted attacks on specific users. Cybercrime has been commercialized and simplified to let people with minimum or no skills to carry out attacks themselves.

We provide banks with evidence of active cyber threats, such as banking malware, phishing and robots, and we also verify digital identity of users through our digital identity network and deep behavioral profiling.

Even if our digital identity verification cannot determine 100% if you are dealing with a fraudster or a legitimate user, we can still protect you. Our AI-based transaction monitoring mechanism supported by business-defined rules can detect a fraud and raise a flag for notification.

Thanks to its modular architecture, the ThreatMark solution can be used as a primary anti-fraud solution or as a complement to existing fraud management platform, effectively filling gaps in the fraud and cyber threat protection layers.

Tackling banking fraud is embedded in the EU’s PSD2 regulation, which can seem rather intricate to comply with at a first glance. We created ThreatMark from ground up with the PSD2 in mind, and our solution can easily cover both business and regulatory requirements.

Constant attacks via malware, phishing, identity theft, followed by regulatory requirements like PSD2 and strong customer authentication, these are just a sample of the many digital banking challenges that banks face and we solve.