User Identity Verification

Identity theft is among the fastest growing types of cyber threats. According to studies, it is the primary cause of financial fraud in 38 % of cases. Therefore, ability to distinguish fraudsters from legitimate users is key. If businesses do not have this ability, they often face financial loss, brand damage, and legal issues.

Fast and Reliable Verification

Our unique technology introduces a new level of fighting online fraud. Our deep behavioral profiling engine can distinguish between a legitimate user and a fraudster by creating unique profiles, then comparing any current activity of a user to the previous records of their profile.

One of the current challenges is to balance strong authentication security with end-user convenience. ThreatMark’s deep behavioral profiling works in the background, constantly recognizing and understanding identities without creating friction.

By aggregating thousands of aspects, such as mouse movements, typing style, application interaction patterns, device information, location and other behavior-related information, ThreatMark’s deep behavioral profiling achieves a new level of precision, with lower risk and lower number of falsely rejected users and transaction.

Our Anti-Fraud Suite solution addresses many common, high-impact fraud threats, both automated and manual, and notifies you of any suspicious behavior instantly, while trusted users are recognized in real time and protected from any inconvenience.

Anti Fraud Suite – AFS


Anti Fraud Suite – AFS