Webinars & Presentations

At ThreatMark our core mission is to Bring Trust to the Digital World.

We do this by providing advanced technological solutions and working closely with our clients educating them about trends, key details & techniques to fight fraud.

Below are some of the webinars & presentations where we shared expertise, advises & details about our solutions.

If you’d like to discuss your challenges and fraud preventing options, or if you need cyber security & fraud expert participants for your podcast or a webinar, feel free to contact us.

On Mobile Banking Threats

In this webinar, Lukas Jakubiček, together with Luca Winter, look under the hood of fraudulent applications and examine real-world examples of mobile attacks.

The webinar shows the most common ways how to get infected by malware, pinpoints how to recognize if you have been compromised, and reveals a typical scenario that today’s mobile malware is using to bypass security measures.

How AI-Powered Authentication Improves Security & Reduces Friction

In this Webinar Ota Čermak and Lukas Jakubiček discuss how ThreatMark – as a complete fraud prevention solution improves online banking security while enabling seamless user experience.

The webinar highlights ThreatMark’s AI powered engine and it’s role in the layered security and orchestration of the entire customer journey—from initial access to payment. Additionally, you can hear how ThreatMark helps and assures PSD2 compliance. For details on ThreatMark and PSD2 compliance, please refer to our whitepaper.

How ThreatMark Uses Behavior Profiling to Fight Fraud

ThreatMark’s approach is grounded in behavior profiling and biometrics technologies with a goal to precisely map out the behaviors of the legitimate users, and make sure that any anomaly is precisely assessed and reported. This approach is stable in time and will even identify future fraud types, while keeping the best possible user experience for the legitimate users.

This is the core topic of Michal’s interview with Tom Field from ISMG, In an interview with Tom Field of Information Security Media Group.

Furthermore in this interview Michal speaks about:
• The emergence of ThreatMark in the anti-fraud space;
• How to secure the entire customer journey;
• Expanding roles for behavioral profiling and biometrics technologies.

How ThreatMark AFS Addresses the New BDDK Regulation in Turkey

In this webinar you’ll learn how ThreatMark AFS addresses the new BDDK regulation in Turkey.

The Turkish banking regulator announced a new regulation with one audacious goal: to create a robust protection measure to prevent fraud in the online world with a strong accent on innovation in the area of unauthorized and fraudulent transactions.

ThreatMark’s feature set helps Turkish bank be compliant with these regulations.

The webinar is presented by Ela Majerikova, our own delivery consultant with the help of Osman Karan from our partner Innovera.

You can also dive into the details in the blog post here.

3 Most Damaging Online Frauds Today


In this presentation Lukaš Jakubiček dissects and exposes 3 most damaging online frauds today. This presentation was a part of Prague Payments Week 2020.

From advanced phishing, SIM swap to RAT based vishing (tech support fraud) – Lukaš explains how these frauds are implemented and how they can be prevented.

We’re working on creating such presentation in English as well. If you’d love a sneak peek or a direct consultation with Lukaš, please contact us.

We’d love to discuss your challenges and fraud preventing options, or if you need some help for your podcast or a webinar—feel free to contact us.