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Foundation of ThreatMark – Fraud, Cyber attacks, Cat and Mouse game & Catch me if you can challenge. Kudos.

December 7, 2015

Read our story before having a good sleep…

ThreatMark is a team of experienced business leaders and security experts who have built and secured on-line channels for major financial groups and banks around Europe. However, this has not happened over night…


The whole idea behind ThreatMark began to form in our heads when working on a penetration test assessment for our banking client with a simple task – to prove whether one of the market leading security solutions for bank protection was doing its job properly. Not only were we able to find multiple ways to circumvent all of the detection mechanisms but we were also able to exploit this system to re-attack the protected bank. The reaction time of this solution to new threats and 0-day malware attacks was also an issue.

We already knew that security was like a cat-and-mouse game but in the case of banking fraud and attacks, we realized that the mouse was winning because the cat was both blind, deaf and asthmatic.

As we really like to challenge our abilities we decided to create a solution that would fully replace the detection capabilities of the system we had just broken. A few weeks later a fully working anti-malware and anti-phishing solution was created which then replaced the old one in the banking environment.

An ever-evolving threat landscape soon proved that no single solution is a silver bullet. The attackers changed their techniques and started to use polymorphic rapidly changing attack code and even techniques that involved traces undetectable by currently known solutions. We started to hear more and more often that the bank had lost some money due to fraud they had no or very limited evidence for, that the attacks were being performed using social engineering techniques that couldn’t be beaten. People started telling us that fraud is simply there, no one can effectively eliminate it, and that financial loss is simply something that needs to be counted on.

We, ThreatMark have created the nextGEN Cyber Criminal detection and Fraud prevention system based on Digital Identity Sensing.
We believe that only an integrated platform of the best detection capabilities of web fraud detection, malware detection and traditional fraud detection systems working together and benefiting from the synergy with state-of-the-art technology such as device-less biometrics and user-behavior sensing can effectively mitigate current and forthcoming attacks.

Sleep well. We are watching.