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ThreatMark Named Top 25 in ’23

February 22, 2023

Sound the trumpets, ring the bells, and let all the fraudsters know… ThreatMark has been nominated as one of the top 25 companies to watch in 2023 and beyond! And we’re not just talking a notable credit roll here. We’re talking a list of budding unicorns, prolific startups and buzz-worthy up-and-commers.

CzechCrunch, a notable online magazine based out of the Czech Republic (obviously), is notorious for knowing the who’s who in the world of technology with a purposeful focus on startups. And they have recognized ThreatMark as one of the companies worth keeping a close eye on as they scale and grow.

What makes us so special?

Legacy fraud protection companies are typically point-in-time solutions that are defensive and reactive – employing protection at the time of threat. ThreatMark’s world-class technology, on the other hand, is preemptive and proactive – eliminating and preventing entire classes of fraud before they even start. This increases profitability, lowers operating expenses, and nurtures both top-line revenue and customer retention. And we help drive business value for banks, credit unions, gaming companies, crypto exchanges and fintechs all around the world.

We are honored to receive the acknowledgement and humbled to be on such a noteworthy list of amazing peers and industry leaders. Below is a note from the publication and you can find the complete list here.

We carefully monitor both strong unicorns (startups worth more than one billion dollars) and start-up young companies. The selection you have in this list includes 25 startups. You will find five large Czech projects with strong results and revenues over a billion crowns. And another 20, which are a bit further from their market value, but we were amazed by their growth rate and ideas.

At ThreatMark, our mission is to rewrite the story on reactive fraud prevention to one that is proactive, preventative, and predictive. And we invite all of you to keep a close eye on our new narrative!