Security issues Threat Actors can exploit in the Metaverse and how to prevent them

Digital identity theft is a major security concern in the online world today. With Metaverse being predicted to be the next phase of the internet and social interaction, such threats will continue with virtual profiles in the new realm, too. Solutions like ThreatMark are the perfect antidote to these security issues. The world is increasingly […]

About S.O.V.A. Malware Family

Our SOC team has reverse-engineered the peculiar S.O.V.A malware family. In this article read about the uniqueness of S.O.V.A. malware, how it works and some very peculiar details, namely: cookie stealing and its evolution in the cyber wilderness. S.O.V.A. is one of the newer families of Android malware, that shows banking malware capabilities with a […]

On widespread Holiday Delivery Scams & how to prevent them

As Christmas is quickly approaching, everyone is trying to get ahead of buying presents. Given the pandemic we’ve been living through in for the past two years, consumer habits have shifted to online shopping. Everyone is now used to packages being delivered straight to their doorstep. With this increased comfort comes an increase in email […]

On Mobile Banking Malware

Last week our SOC experts exposed FluBot – one of the most dangerous mobile banking malware currently in circulation. Its impact and growth rate are worrying and its success is raising many concerns throughout the industry. FluBot is not an anomaly. Its existence is a continuation of previous mobile malware families. Some of which we’ve […]

FluBot Malware – All You Need to Know & to Act Now

FluBot is a newly discovered Android banking malware family whose presence has been increasingly worrying in the past months.   Although it uses many of the tricks found in older malware families, this malware family has made a lot of progress in just a handful of months, infecting many devices, spreading quickly and inflicting serious […]

SIM Swap Scams & How to Prevent Them

SIM swap scams are one of the most damaging and high-profile scams in the modern era. To be clear, SIM swap today may be also referred to as port-out scam, SIM splitting, simjacking and SIM swapping. This article aims to further explore this scam and the methods of prevention. Accordingly, the article is divided into […]

Phishing Attacks & How to Prevent Them

Phishing is one of the most prevalent social engineering scams in the internet era. This article attempts to present contemporary impact of phishing, it’s variations, some interesting trends ThreatMark discovered in 2020; and finally present a direction on how to prevent phishing scams. Accordingly, we’ll present this complex topic through following sections: Short Phishing Definition […]

New phishing campaigns exploiting Google Apps, targeting banks in Europe

In the last couple of days, we have noticed that the trend of abusing Google App Engine to host phishing sites had made its way into Europe. The attacker does not seem to be limited to any specific bank. We have detected and mitigated phishing sites targeting multiple banks in CEE. Based on our research […]

On Vishing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Recently we’ve seen an increase in all types of frauds that attempt to misuse the user information for malicious means. Previously we wrote about how hackers are using Coronavirus fears to steal money through phishing and malware-based attacks. Similarly, vishing attacks are on the rise and we’ve reported several vishing vectors in action. These are […]

How Fraud Prevention Solutions Help Banks Become Trusted & Safe

From personal to business – trust is essential for any healthy and prosperous relationship. And losing it is detrimental. Similarly, safety is an inherent human need. Jeopardizing it is devastating. No one in the world likes to be disappointed, used, or feel unsafe. Simply, in all aspects of our lives, we shouldn’t gamble with trust […]