Why blocking Money mule accounts doesn’t work – be aware of modern cash-out vectors


Cash-out is one of the final stages of fraudulent attacks. Traditionally attackers used money mules to perform the dirty job of going into a bank to cash-out money that came from previously made fraudulent transactions. Cybercriminals even use tools to automatize recruiting and other money mule cash-out related processes.


Preventing automated infiltration of your clients’ accounts


We have identified unauthorized access to multiple on-line accounts, clearly against normal banking policy. This is what happened…


2016 Digital Business fraud protection trends sensed


What weapons digital payment cyberfraudsters have prepared for 2016 and won’t hesistate to use. How to prepare your battleground to have a good sleep….


2015 fraudulent cyber attacks resolved


  The world is changing fast, the digital economy is growing and the number of digital payments is increasing.  We at ThreatMark successfully managed to solve many fraudulent cyber attacks in 2015. We also found unweaponized / piloted threats that will emerge in large scale in 2016 against selected organisations and their clients. We bring… Continue reading


ThreatMark Cyber Fraud Report Europe 2015 – Cyber Fraudsters favorite countries in EU revealed


Your cyber protection team @ThreatMark have produced a final summary for 2015 on how the year was from the on-line payment and digital banking risk perspective. Part of the research was the modelling of fraudulent cyber scene maturity in European countries. As an addition to traditional and neXtGEN Security models, we have created this model… Continue reading